Hi, I'm Strangelfreak, a spiritual queer pansexual photographer and illustrator. I'm also a Reiki master if you guys need distant healing just send me an ask ;) Welcome to Lalaland!


walked into an exhibition in Barcelona, and entered a room with nothing but suspended speakers and the whispers of wind…till this day I don’t know if the girl in the photo is part of the piece, all I know is I was there for 10 minutes and she didn’t move…

My friend came to me and said we were selected to make a site specific installation for an art festival. “It’s in 2 days!” he proclaimed. Since we didn’t have a topic or time to spare, we decided on creating a piece about Absence. This is the piece I created, out of wool thread, for his performance.  


             Is loving the right person,

                at the right moment,

                   on the wrong planet…”


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