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don’t trade your wishes for beans, don’t let your dreams become things.
reminder to be true to yourself in a consumerism driven society
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sorry guurl, wrong blog. Even though she is a wonderful singer/performer, I can’t be a fan of someone who chooses “style” over actual living beings.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: If you’d rather have other animals suffer, get mutilated and killed for “fashion” or just so u could “look good”, u were brainwashed and deserve to get run over by a bus 

May Our Lady of the Wurst bless your soul

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I say I dress for myself, when secretly I do it so ur boring little lives get a glimpse of color and magic and you’ll have something interesting to talk about…
weird world we live in where we pay more money to people who kick a ball, walk, or design a different color bag than we do to people who teach or save lives
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Conchita Wurst for Jean Paul Gaultier 2014
Conchita Wurst for Jean Paul Gaultier 2014
Pride Barcelona 2014
by Strangelfreak
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I can’t believe the amazing photographer Marcus Leatherdale asked me to be part of the next issue of The Omen magazine !!!!




double rainbow at Primavera Sound 2014

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When people say that they think fur is ok and it’s part of being in “fashion”, I show them this

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Yoan Capote is a Cuban sculptor who was born in 1977 in Pinar del Río.Yoan Capote lives and works in Havana where he studied arts at the Superior Institute of Art from 1991 to 1995. Even if he first specialized in painting, he finally decided to improve his sculpture skills, considering the latter as a way of developing three-dimensional and multi-sensory possibilities.
Lorenzo Nanni