Alexander McQueen 2007 collection

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"Skalpturen" by David Sims for Interview Germany, October 2014


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just a reminder that fashion brands aren’t allies, they are corporations, they just want your money, like all the rest
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remember the time where fashion was a celebration of Art and Creativity, and not about celebrity cloned clothing lines ?

Francis Bitonti creates pixellated 3D-printed shoes using cellular automaton

Smashed (Angel)Corey Mullaney & Grant Langton / CMPhotography / 22.02.13
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don’t trade your wishes for beans, don’t let your dreams become things.
reminder to be true to yourself in a consumerism driven society
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sorry guurl, wrong blog. Even though she is a wonderful singer/performer, I can’t be a fan of someone who chooses “style” over actual living beings.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: If you’d rather have other animals suffer, get mutilated and killed for “fashion” or just so u could “look good”, u were brainwashed and deserve to get run over by a bus 

May Our Lady of the Wurst bless your soul

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I say I dress for myself, when secretly I do it so ur boring little lives get a glimpse of color and magic and you’ll have something interesting to talk about…
weird world we live in where we pay more money to people who kick a ball, walk, or design a different color bag than we do to people who teach or save lives
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Conchita Wurst for Jean Paul Gaultier 2014