Hi, I'm Strangelfreak, a spiritual queer pansexual photographer and illustrator. I'm also a Reiki master if you guys need distant healing just send me an ask ;) Welcome to Lalaland!


Short video of our installation in Glasgow (with a free peen shot at one of the museums)

Remember when I posted a few weeks ago some fantastic jewelry, my friend who makes these amazing pieces, invited me over for coffee and I flipped out when he showed me his bedroomhow perfect is this ?!

If you wanna help out and get some of his pieces check out his MAGIC FAIRY SHOP 

Sergi 2014 - by Strangelfreak


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Remember how I told you guys I was invited to show my work in Scotland?

Well, this was the institution where I made my last installation piece….GoMa in Glasgow. I was a bit scared, but I’m super proud that I pulled off getting my post porn work to such an amazing building !!!!


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a friend of mine who’s a sex worker asked me to take some new pics for his webpage.

Cheryl ruined my life @ Razzmatazz - Barcelona 2010

so I went to a really posh wedding  with celebrities like Mr. Squarepants & Mx Star